Falcar Studio Report, Part Two

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Here comes the second part of our studio report. In case you didn’t read the first part, you may view it under this link. Just a brief recapitulation: Up to this point, we managed to record drums, bass guitar and some guitar parts. There was no need for Roman to arrive in the very early morning, therefore it was decided that he and Patrik would arrive before noon.

We expected the vocals to be recorded by that time. Oh, how foolish we were! That was probably the most valuable of all the lessons we were given in the studio. Since it was really, really early, it took Marty and Dave a bit of time to make their voices function properly. When you’re used to singing in the evening every single day, it’s a severe violation of your biorhythm if you strive for the maximum performance right in the morning. The guys were both aware of this fact, yet they underestimated the impact.

Therefore when Roman and Patrik arrived, Marty and Dave were nearly in the middle of the recording – dozen of takes had passed and they finally started to be warmed up and ready to rock. We still had some time left, so we did a lot of takes of Marty’s vocal lines to save Štěpán the pain of editing every single note in the software later. As usual, after the thorough warm-up, it only took Dave two or three takes to make it plausible. Not long after lunch, Patrik started to record the rest of his guitar parts. The process was almost exactly the same as in Marty’s case; the rhythm parts went well and the solos needed some time to finally sound great. Patrik actually had two of them in the ballad. First of them was fairly easy to record, since he’d known it by heart and had played it the same way all the time, but the second one consisted partly on improvisation. But when you have to improvise in the studio, you either play it awesome or play it again. So we set the recording to an infinite loop and together we tried to dive into the atmosphere of the song.

After a while, we found ourselves in a dead end. It was pretty obvious that trying over only makes things worse, so we halted the process and let that perfectionist singer of us have a couple of additional takes of the vocal line. In the meantime, Patrik was fine-tuning his solo in the control room.

The dusk was slowly approaching and Marty and Dave had to return the borrowed car. They packed everything and headed back to Kladno while Patrik and Roman were recording the last piece of our puzzle. For some reason, it all worked like a charm and our axe man nailed it after few attempts, unconstrained by the constant trying.
Patrik Recording Guitars

Half of the band was already home when the recording officially ended. The second half of the band packed all the stuff and set sails into the harsh winter weather. The recorded tracks had been laid to rest and they were to be resurrected the following week when Štěpán and Marty entered the mixing session. More on that topic in the nearest future. Keep on!