The Great Escape

I was supposed to fix some dialogue tracks for an amateur TV pilot this weekend.

Well, I got inspired and forged this little epic soundtrack-style piece instead. I spent the whole weekend finalising it, so I guess next week’s delivery is out of question.

I named the track “The Great Escape” – here’s why:

The main theme reminds me of desperate running and, thanks to the combination of strings and winds, I feel like there is a noble prisoner escaping the dungeon. The brute brass sound which always responds to the uplifting motif played by flutes and violins may symbolise guards chasing our hero and the frequent loud changes represent numerous obstacles he has to overcome during his flight. He fights for his life most of the time, but in the pizzicato part, he rather chose to sneak. Inevitably, that only lead to another struggle.

Anyway, that’s my interpretation of the track. Give me yours!